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Industrial Platform Ladder


Industrial duty fibreglass platform ladder, featuring a 900mm handrail and a patented resin bracing system.

    Industrial Platform Ladder
    Quick and Easy Price Enquiry
    Qty Model Description Platform Height (mm) Price
    4121074Industrial Platform Ladder-2 Step600 Enquire
    4121075Industrial Platform Ladder-3 Step900 Enquire
    4121076Industrial Platform Ladder-4 Step1200 Enquire
    4121077Industrial Platform Ladder-5 Step1500 Enquire
    4121078Industrial Platform Ladder-6 Step1800 Enquire
    Model Description Platform Height (mm)
    4121074Industrial Platform Ladder-2 Step600
    4121075Industrial Platform Ladder-3 Step900
    4121076Industrial Platform Ladder-4 Step1200
    4121077Industrial Platform Ladder-5 Step1500
    4121078Industrial Platform Ladder-6 Step1800


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