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Low Profile Compact Tipping Bin


A low profile compact bin for use in confined areas. Well suited to production machinery such as punching machines for the collection of slugs etc. Heavy duty construction with self dumping ability, the forklift operator empties the bin without leaving the drivers seat. Available in either painted or galvanised finish.

  • Safe working load: 1000kg
  • Fork pocket size: 165 x 65mm
  • Fork pocket centres: 405mm
  • Bin width: 710mm
  • 0.2 cu m Capacity
Low Profile Compact Tipping Bin
Quick and Easy Price Enquiry
Qty Model Description Net Weight (kg)Width (mm)Length (mm) Price
3001198Galvanised Model807101185 Enquire
3001199Painted Model807101185 Enquire
3001200Galvanised Model907101245 Enquire
3001201Painted Model907101245 Enquire
3001202Galvanised Model1007101300 Enquire
3001203Painted Model1007101300 Enquire
3001204Galvanised Model1107101360 Enquire
3001205Painted Model1107101360 Enquire
Model Description Net Weight (kg)Width (mm)Length (mm)
3001198Galvanised Model807101185
3001199Painted Model807101185
3001200Galvanised Model907101245
3001201Painted Model907101245
3001202Galvanised Model1007101300
3001203Painted Model1007101300
3001204Galvanised Model1107101360
3001205Painted Model1107101360


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