Extension Ladders & Planks

We offer the High Performance Extension Ladder that gives you customised and safe access solutions in all sorts of workplaces. These ladders come with easy extension and retraction features that allow you to use them in congested spaces. They are weather resistant, electricity resistant and corrosion resistant.

These all weather access devices are manufactured in compliance with the most stringent industry standards. These are lightweight and offer you safe reach height ranging from 4000mm to 9400mm. Due to their light weight you can carry them from one place to another with ease and safety. These ladders are electricity resistant and require minimal twisting.

Our Utility Extension Ladder comes with standard latching system, box rail durability and is light weight. It has rubber feet which are fixed which make it very safe and stable to use. The ladder features rungs made up of high strength aluminium that give it durability and long life.

This ladder can easily handle weight up to 140kgs and its safe reach height ranges from 4000mm to 8800mm. The accessories of this ladder include cable hooks, top pole lash, pole strap, bottom pole lash and levellers. With all these accessories the Utility Extension ladder becomes highly versatile and safe access equipment.

Bailey extension ladders come in a range of builder extension ladder, step extension ladders, standard extension ladders, standard extension ladders with fitted brackets, deluxe extension ladders and extension ladder with ladder. These ladders come in industrial duty rating and provide you with safe access solutions in all sorts of industrial environments.

The aluminium construction of these ladders makes them lightweight, sturdy and corrosion resistant. All these ladders come with anti-slip rubber feet to ensure the safety of users. You can choose from Builder Extension Ladders, Step Extension Ladders, Standard Extension Ladders and Deluxe Extension Ladders to meet your individual access needs.

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