Powered Order Picker Ladders

Need a new stock picker for the warehouse? Discover the two versions of the highly adaptable, powered order picker ladder available at Sitecraft.Choose from the mobile ladder with winch operated load lifting table or mobile ladder with remote operated load lifting table. These options help in eliminating the dangers of carrying heavy items up and down a ladder.

Choose the Right Ladder for Your Specific Needs

The remote operated order picker ladder is available in four sizes to suit your individual load lifting requirements. Its anti-compression technology allows you to lift heavy loads without any noise and is available with an on-board battery charger. Our winch operated ladder eliminates the dangerous practice of carrying heavy items up and down the ladder. This ladder not only ensures the safety of your workplace, but also improves your productivity.

For further information on any of our products, or to obtain a quote for an order picker ladder for your workshop, get in touch with the specialists at Sitecraft today.

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