Folding Portable Scaffolding

Sitecraft’s range of portable and folding scaffolding is easy to erect and ideal for a wide range of applications, making us the best location when you need to buy scaffolding.


The Razadeck is a folding scaffold that’s easy to use, fast to install, and has a working height of up to 4 metres. It comes with no loose components, and the deck is spacious enough to contain all your tools. With almost no training needed to dismantle or erect, the Razadeck is easy to transport in the back of a ute or wagon.

Powered by an internal spring mechanism which makes it a very quick to install access equipment, the Razadeck can easily be set to various working heights of up to 4 metres. For added convenience, no special training is required to use the Razadeck.

Ezypak Portable Scaffolding

Ezypak portable scaffolding is lightweight, compact, and highly portable, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. It can be folded flat like a ladder and transported by a single person, and is also easily transportable in a ute or van.

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