Bunding & Spill Control

Sitecraft offers a comprehensive range of spill containment bunded pallets and bunding to provide you with customised material handling solutions. Our pallets and spill control solutions are cost-effective, space saving, and made from quality materials. They’re also manufactured in compliance with Australian Standards, ensuring high durability.

Many of our spill control devices are constructed from tough polyethylene, ensuring they won’t rust or corrode. They can also be relied on to withstand the knocks and scuffs of the industrial environment.

Accumulation/Work Centres

We stock a wide range of low profile accumulation centres, perfect for containing spills that may occur while filling drums. With both small and large units to choose from, including units that can hold 8 drums, we’re sure to have a solution to fulfil your needs.

Bunded Pallets, Trays & Spill Bins

Our bunded pallets and trays are ideal for holding drums and cans in a variety of sizes. From specialised dispensing trays that provide spill containment when you have to decant liquid from drums, right through to spill bins and low profile spill bunds that can hold up to 4 drums, we stock a number of adequate solutions to satisfy all your spill control requirements.

Drum Stackers, Cradles & Storage Units

We stock a number of drum storage solutions, including stackers, cradles and bibs. From multi-purpose drum stackers that provide efficient drum storage and spill containment, through to drum cradles that can accommodate most steel or plastic 205 litre drums – including those holding corrosive substances – you’re sure to find an ideal solution. We can also provide drum bibs to contain spills, as well as durable outdoor drum storage units with roll-up covers to keep contents dry and safe.

Other Bunding Products & Spill Control Solutions

In addition to our bunded pallets and bunding, spill bins and drum storage units, Sitecraft can also supply a wide range of other products. Our catalogue includes utility trays, yellow jacket pallets, spill scooters, splash trays, spill guards, spill carts, benchtop trays, and much more. Browse our complete range online today!

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