Pallet Wrapping Machine

Looking for a pallet wrapping machine for your warehouse?Discover the complete range of semi automatic pallet wrappers available from Sitecraft. We present a selection of easy to use models,including:

  • – C-One Cresco
  • – C-One Base
  • – C-One Base Power Pre-stretch Heavy Duty
  • – C-One Biforis, and
  • – C-One Plus


With our pallet wrapping machines, you’ll be able to keep your stock contained, organised and tidy in one convenient location.

Features and Benefits

Automatic pallet wrappers come with a wide range of features and options. C-One Super Plus is a low-profile turntable machine that works as an automatic film clamping, automatic film cutting and film sealing system. These systems make sure that the operator does not have to perform any manual work. They also increase safety, improve packaging quality, and save time. This pallet wrapping machine delivers even in the most demanding circumstances.

The C-One Cresco pallet wrapper comes with an inverter for the turntable and the carriage, and also features  film-stretching adjustment, pallet height sensor, bottom and top turns adjustment, zero-position stop, three working cycles (up & down, only up, top-sheet), and two working modes.

C-One Base is specifically designed by keeping in view different options and programs. These pallet wrapping machines come with an inverter for both the carriage and rotation motors, and an electro-magnetic clutch for the carriage with an option for a power pre-stretch system.

C-One Evolvo is a rotating arm wrapping machine. It is ideally suited for heavy or unstable pallets. This pallet wrapper has a frequency controller for every motor, standard power pre-stretch, a maximum speed of 18 RPM, and the option to mount on wall or on foot.

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