Manual & Powered Walkie Stackers

At Sitecraft you can find and buy the best Walkie Stacker for your business. Walkie Stackers (pallet stackers) are often the perfect piece of equipment to meet your task requirements when it seems a standard pallet jack just won’t cut it, and using a forklift is going overboard. Walkie Stackers offer a wealth of benefits; you don’t need a forklift licence to operate it (except if it’s a ride-on model), upfront and running costs are minimal, they give off no noise or exhaust pollution, and Walkie Stackers provide the user with maximum visibility. Discover the extensive range of electric and manually operated walkie stackers and pallet stackers available for purchase from Sitecraft. These pallet stackers can move heavy loads ranging from 1000kgs to 1500kgs. We source these versatile material handling devices from reputable manufacturers, ensuring a quality product that’s built to last.

Fork Walkie Stackers

Our counter balanced fork stacker comes with an efficient regenerative braking system and an anti-rollback system to prevent rollbacks on slopes and ramps. Meanwhile, the 24V/270Ah battery of the Delta CP AC-Evo gives it a long operational time, while the power drive electric walkie stacker comes with electro-magnetic braking, making it a safe choice.

Quikstak Pallet Stacker

The Quikstak electric pallet stacker is an efficient loading and unloading unit. It has an ergonomic feature that includes a height sensor to keep the load at a perfect working height. This unique material handling device allows you to load and unload heavy pallets with convenience and safety. Its infra-red height sensor automatically adjusts the fork height as you load and unload, eliminating the need to bend and lift.

Sitecraft offers this highly customisable pallet handling equipment with capacities ranging from 1 tonne to 2.5 tonnes. We can also provide manual drive, electric lift, and power drive Quickstak walkie stacker models to suit your individual requirements.

Stainless Steel Straddle Stacker

This innovative pallet stacker and lifter is designed for use in areas where hygiene is of utmost importance. The electronics are housed in a waterproof compartment that’s easily accessible and requires minimal maintenance. You’ll enjoy optimal stability thanks to the double traction system. The chassis is fully open and is capable of self-diagnosing any faults that may occur.

Manual Load Lifters

Move up to 500kg of weight safely and with ease with our manual load lifters. The heavy duty, durable construction, means that you’ll be able to carry your load with ease, while the four-way hand control enables the user to move the weight in just about any direction.

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