Ride On Powered Vehicles

Shifting materials within a warehouse cannot be accomplished by staff alone, and that’s where ride on powered vehicles come into play. With these highly versatile vehicles on-hand in a warehouse or work site, it’s easy to shift heavy materials in large quantities.

The electric ride on pallet truck from Sitecraft is one such handling solution that’s highly capable and powerful. The truck has a total lift height of 205mm, high enough to meet the needs of most businesses, and making it perfect for loading delivery vans and trucks without the need for a forklift.

The turning radius is also a significant advantage for operators of the pallet truck, as it’s 1965mm – enough to ensure manoeuvrability in tight spaces. This also makes it easy to move amongst heavier machinery and other personnel.

Once materials have been loaded onboard, drivers are still able to travel at speeds of 5.8kph, making the truck useful in larger warehouses where time is constantly a factor. Once the materials have been unloaded, turnaround is quick as the speed increases to 6.2kph.

The small size means it’s easy to step aside when many vehicles are operating. In addition, drivers don’t have to worry about back strain or other physical injuries as a result of lifting loads that are too heavy.

If you’d like assistance selecting a ride on powered vehicle or need help sourcing a handling solution, the Sitecraft industry experts are available to answer any queries you may have.

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