Sheet & Panel Trolley

Sheet & Panel Trolleys from Rubbermaid are an ideal solution, coming in two varieties. There’s either an A-frame or upright sheet & panel model available, and both can be purchased online from Sitecraft.

These trucks are ideal for moving large and bulky sheet and panel goods with safety in mind. The single 790mm high side inclined frame and side rail are designed to hold the material in place while it’s being moved, and a perimeter deck channel can be used to carry smaller items along with the heavy panel. This makes the A-frame a highly valuable addition to any workplace.

The single 790mm high side inclined frame and side rail can hold the bulky material in place. The perimeter deck channel can be used to carry small items along with the heavy load. The sheet and panel truck comes with three powder coated steel vertical frames which makes it ideal for carrying bulky goods like doors, timber and cubical walls etc.

The steel frames are also powder coated, ensuring durability throughout operational use. A duramold precision engineered resin, as well as a metal composite structure ensures maximum longevity.

It’s common for signs and wood panels to slip during transit, causing damage to the material. Retainer clips are able to firstly lock the frames in place, ensuring they remain sturdy, and tie-down points can keep the load retained. Two are located on each side of the trolley, making it simple to keep objects securely in place.

No matter what your needs are, Sheet & Panel Trucks by Rubbermaid will be perfect for transporting wood panels, beds, signs and similar shaped materials easily. Our options, A-frame and upright sheet & panel trucks will suit your application easily.

Certain materials can be extremely difficult to transport, especially items such as beds, signs, wood panels and other large objects.

These often need to be kept upright and secure while being transported, creating a problem for most handling solutions.

If you’d like assistance with selecting a trolley or need help sourcing a handling solution, the Sitecraft industry experts are available to answer any queries you may have.

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