Spill-Safe IBC Bunds

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These spill bunds are specifically designed for the storage of IBC bulk storage units. Made in Australia from UV stabilised plastic they are build for longevity. Forklift pockets provide for easy relocation of the unloaded bunds. The optional dispensing tray is available to take care of any spill for the IBC's faucet and in the event of a major break for the faucet, the dispensing tray ensures the spill flows to the main bund sump. The option metal frame and PVC cover is also available for outdoor storage.



Model Description Dimensions (mm)Load Capacity (kg)Sump Capacity QTY
1601006 Spill- Safe 1x IBC Bund 1760L x 1350W x 780H 1650 1300L
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1601007 Spill- Safe 2x IBC Bund 2560L x 1350W x 580H 3200 1300L
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1601008 Dispensing Tray for 1601006 500L x 550W x 830H
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1601009 Dispensing Tray for 1601007 500L x 550W x 610H
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1601010 PVC Cover & Gal Frame to suit 1601006 1760L x 1350W x 2480H
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1601011 PVC Cover & Gal frame to suit 1601007 2560L x 1350W x 2280H
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