Grip Type Drum Lifter

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The Grip Type Drum Lifter with its improved method of engaging the drum is extremely versatile in handling 200 litre drums.


  • Engage drum in any position via grippers which are operated by a remote quick action toggle latch
  • Raise drum hydraulically with a foot operated hydraulic pump
  • Tip drum precisely through the fully enclosed chain drive and crank operated worm gearbox
  • Load and off load from pallets and racking
  • Transport drums about your works on large diameter wheels.A variety of castor types available
  • Suitable for handling 200 litre steel drums


Model Description Capacity (kg)Max Lift Height(mm) QTY
4361010 Grip Type Drum Lifter 350 1600 (To Centre of Drum)
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4361011 Grip Type Drum Lifter 350 2000 (To Centre of Drum)
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4361012 Grip Type Drum Lifter 350 2700 (To Centre of Drum)
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