Logistec Bin Caddys

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Pushing, pulling and holding the tilted load of a wheelie bin is no longer required with the Logistec Bin Caddy. These advantages are the answers to a significant source of workplace injuries. Powered by twin 24v motors, Logistec Bin Caddy's can handle one or a number of bins at one time. Motion is controlled via a finger switch on the main handle with the controls offering forward, reverse and two speeds. The motors also act as brakes as power is removed, maintaining control at all times - even on slopes. Logistec Bin Caddy's fit through standard doorways and include a stand to hold it in the upright position when not in use.


  • Effortless handling of 120lt & 240lt bins
  • Easy to load
  • Simple to use


Model Description Load Capacity (kg) QTY
44791002 Heavy Duty Electric (Extra battery capacity) 160
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44791003 Standard Electric 160
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