LPG Cylinder Stores- 9Kg Cylinders

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  • Compact modules specifically suited to small 9kg LPG cylinders and general purpose cylinders.
  • Heavy duty design with restraining chains.
  • Padlockable door for increased security.
  • Provision for bolt down applications


Model Description Depth (mm)Width (mm)Height(mm)Brand QTY
6601321 LPG Cylinder Stores 2x 9Kg Cylinders 400 720 620 Storemasta
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6601429 LPG Cylinder Stores 4x 9Kg Cylinders 400 720 1190 Storemasta
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6601430 LPG Cylinder Stores 6x 9Kg Cylinders 400 1030 1190 Storemasta
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6601431 LPG Cylinder Stores 8x 9Kg Cylinders 720 720 1190 Storemasta
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6601432 LPG Cylinder Stores 16x 9Kg Cylinders 720 1365 1190 Storemasta
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6601433 LPG Cylinder Stores 24x 9Kg Cylinders 1015 1365 1190 Storemasta
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