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The new and innovative Ergonomic bin range of trolleys features a fully adjustable spring operated rising base. The loading rate is easily changed by means of an adjusting screw at the end of the base. These bins are easy and light to manoeuvre, the 'lean out' design provides comfortable knee space and allows top edge closer proximity to machines for loading and unloading.


  • Increase productivity by up to 25%
  • Unique spring mechanism maintains product at a safe and convenient working height within the bin


Model Description Dimensions (mm)Load Capacity (kg) QTY
1621004 Ergonomic Bin 975 x 759 x 835 300
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1621005 Ergonomic Bin 1240 x 750 x 845 400
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1621006 Ergonomic Bin 1395 x 750 x 920 450
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1621007 Ergonomic Bin 1240 x 900 x 845 500
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1621008 Ergonomic Bin 1490 x 900 x 845 600
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1621009 Ergonomic Bin 1490 x 1035 x 845 700
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