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The Movexx T1500D takes away the manual effort required to push trolleys. It has both variable speed and an overriding dual speed button. A built-in smart control unit is programmable for speed, acceleration and braking, plus numerous other fine tune adjustments. A fast and easy-to-remove battery system allows for constant use of the Movexx T1500D when optional additional batteries are included. Additional batteries can be kept on an external charger, so they are ready for use once the battery indicator shines red. Many other options are also available. Towing hitches are not included.


  • Driver: DC motor 24V, 600W
  • Pullpower: 1500 kg
  • Battery: 24 Volt, 18 Ah, Weight 14 kg
  • Charger: External
  • Tires: Rear. 250 mm diameter x 85 mm wide
  • Steel, powder coated frame
  • Tiller height: 750-1150 mm


Model Description Width (mm)Height folded (mm)Length (mm)Weight(kg) QTY
5571179 T1500-D 475 770 950 180
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