Logistec Pallet Inverter – Automatic

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The Logistec's single Clamp Pallet Inverter offers a faster, easier and more cost effective way to rotate, switch or transfer loads and replace broken pallets. Designed to invert or transfer the loads ranging from 920mm to 2200mm.

Logistec's Pallet inverter is ideal for boxed, bagged or canned goods and is versatile enough to handle anything from yogurt and biscuits to bottles of wine or bags of cement. It is a free standing 180 degree inverter with a single clamping plate that will handle any load up to 2000kg with ease.

This unit is supplied with standard mesh gaurding on three sides and can be purchased with a high resolution light curtain.


  • * Auto Cycle Model
  • * Suits Standard pallets up to 1800mm high


Model Description Load Capacity (kg)Power Source QTY
45551007 Logistec Pallet Inverter - Automatic 2000 Three phase 415V
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