C-One Cresco

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The Cresco is simply the core of what you need within a stretch wrapping machine. It has an inverter for the turntable, inverter for the carriage, film stretching adjustment, pallet height sensor, bottom and top turns adjustment, zero position stop, three working cycles (up & down, only up, top-sheet), and two working modes. 3 programs can be saved, including a completely customized cycle thanks to the “Playback” mode.


  • Semi automatic
  • Slow start and stop
  • Automatic program / 3 different options
  • Maximum loading weight 1200kg
  • 12 rpm high speed
  • Photo eye
  • Turntable Jog
  • Reinforcing wrapping option
  • Wrapping height 2200mm


Model Description Width (mm)Approx Shipping Weight(kg)Length (mm)Mast Height(mm)Turntable Height(mm) QTY
36511002 C-One Cresco 1650 300 2426 2466 86
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