C-One SuperPlus Power Pre-Stretch Fully Auto

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C-One Superplus is a fully automatic low profile turntable machine, with four solutions:an automatic film clamping system, automatic film cutting; film sealing system Along with an infrared/radio remote control, these four systems allow the operator to be free from all manual work, increasing safety, improving packaging quality and saving time. Automatic, practical, robust, simple: C-One Superplus is the right solution even for the most demanding circumstances.


  • Automatic cut & seal
  • Slow start and stop
  • Automatic program / 6 working cycles
  • Countless working cycles
  • Maximum loading weight 2000kg
  • 15 rpm high speed
  • 300% power pre-stretch
  • Photo eye
  • Turntable Jog
  • Reinforcing wrapping option


Model Description Width (mm)Approx Shipping Weight(kg)Length (mm)Mast Height(mm)Turntable Height(mm) QTY
36511006 C-One SuperPlus Power Pre-Stretch Fully Auto 2000 500 2804 2466 86
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