C-One Vertex

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Being automatic this machine provides great aptitude for continuous work at an automatic production line rate. Designed with a specifically built mechanism that allows to bear ‘arm imbalance’ at high rotation speeds, the machine is also equipped with an easy and fast installation sytem.The C-One Vertex is also light with unstable pallets, strong with heavy pallets. It is the best solution for those who either; have to wrap many pallets, work with veryunstable pallets or who have extremely heavy loads.


  • Rotating arm
  • Slow start and stop
  • Automatic program / 6 working cycles
  • Wrapping height 2400mm
  • Wrapped pallet counter
  • Photo eye
  • Turntable Jog
  • Reinforcing wrapping option
  • 18 rpm high speed
  • 300% power pre-stretch


Model Description Width (mm)Approx Shipping Weight(kg)Length (mm)Mast Height(mm) QTY
36511008 C-One Vertex 3070 750 4060 3305
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