C-One Evolvo SP

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C-One Evolvo SP maintains characteristics and qualities of C-One Evolvo, but thanks to the “don’t get off” system the operator does not have to get off the forklift to tie the film to the pallet at the beginning of cycle or to cut it at the end. Moreover, in this way, accident risk is reduced, having to avoid getting up and down off the forkliftand negates having back pains caused by having to tie and cut the film.


  • Automatic cut & seal
  • Photo eye
  • Turntable Jog
  • Reinforcing wrapping option
  • 18 rpm high speed
  • 300% power pre-stretch
  • Rotating arm
  • Slow start and stop
  • Automatic program / 6 working cycles
  • Wrapping height 2400mm


Model Description Width (mm)Approx Shipping Weight(kg)Length (mm)Mast Height(mm) QTY
36511010 C-One Evolvo SP 2660 650 2918 3540
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