Powered Expanding Roller Conveyor

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This range of heavy duty Powered Roller Conveyors have adjustable speed in forwards and reverse. They feature quiet rollers and are driven by a seamless O-Ring. Multiple units can be joined together to form a longer conveyor if required. Ideally suited for container loading/unloading, distribution centres, packaging & mobile assembly lines, inwards and outwards goods areas.


  • Electronic Package Stop: Automatically stops cartons at discharge end of conveyor. When carton is removed, conveyor starts again to bring next carton into position.
  • Heavy Duty Conveyor Connectors: Easily connects two or more conveyors to span greater distances.
  • Height Adjustable from 700mm to 1000mm
  • All Castors Swivel and Lockable


Model Description Capacity (kg)Conveyor Width (mm)Standard lengths compacted to expanded QTY
8641003 Powered Expanding Roller Conveyor 150/metre 460 1500mm - 4000mm
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8641010 Powered Expanding Roller Conveyor 150/metre 460 3000mm - 8000mm
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