500mm body module – in yellow

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SMR is a modular speed control system consisting of 500mm body and end sections. The modules are manufactured from high quality, natural rubber and come in either yellow or black. When laid in an alternating pattern they meet the Australian Standards for colour, height, shape and ramp angle. Suitable for car parks, schools, shopping centres or factory complexes.


  • Designed to comply with AS2890.1: 2004
  • Convenient 500mm modules in black or yellow
  • Each module comes complete with 4 fixings
  • Built-in bridge design to accommodate cables or hoses (up to 2 x 25mmØ)
  • Highly shock absorbent rubber is both quiet and smooth in operation
  • 400mm wide x 60mm high


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1881371 500mm body module - in black
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1881372 500mm body module - in yellow
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1881373 500mm end module - in black
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1881374 500mm end module - in yellow
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