• SurgiBins hang on the same louvre panels as plastic bins
  • Stacks conveniently on shelves
  • The 5 SurgiBin sizes closely matche old plastic bin sizes
  • Lets you keep the same stock in the same spot. No relocation, no searching, no confusion!
  • Supplied in a pack of 6
  • SurgiBins have an easy clean silver chrome wire finish


Model Description Capacity (Litres)Dimensions (mm) QTY
8741027 SurgiBin Wire Bins 1 85H x 175D x 100W
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8741028 Wire Bins 2.5 125H x 220D x 135W
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8741029 Wire Bins 6 165H x 275D x 205W
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8741030 Wire Bins 12 165H x 300D x 435W
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8741031 Wire Bins 24 220 H x 457 D x 435 W
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