Ergo Bin


The innovative Ergo Bin has recently been trialed by a large National Distribution Company and has produced outstanding results. A number of Ergo Bins were trialed in different locations across the country to help reduce worker fatigue and increases productivity. The process involved the Ergo Bin being loaded with boxes and parcels by the operator from of a conveyer and then taken to a processing station where another operator unpacked the boxes.

Before the Ergo Bin was introduced the operator was required to constantly bend and pick up the boxes out of a bin or trolley and place them on the processing bench for unpacking and quality assessment.After the Ergo Bin was introduced the bending was taken out of the operators work flow as the Ergo Bin features a rising base which keeps the product at a consistent and safe work height.

The rising base can be quickly adjusted to handle different weights by means of an adjusting screw.ergobin2-300x191

Other stand out features includes;

  • Top edge provides a comfortable handrail.
  • No exposed moving parts
  • Recessed wheels for foot protection
  • Rigid ABS paneling with tough zinc plated base for maintenance free operation
  • The ergonomic “lean out” design provides comfortable knee space and also allows
  • Closer positioning to machines for loading and unloading

The Ergo Bin trial demonstrated a significant increase in productivity and lowered worker fatigue and back pain. This innovative product is to be rolled out nationally to all this Companies Distribution Centre’s.

CUT – AWAY showing internal rising base/table mechanism that automatically raises and lowers as product is loaded or un-loaded from the Ergo Bin. An easy screw adjustment caters for variable product weight/density requirements.

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