Sitecraft provides ergonomic handling equipment to a major Australian medical supply organisation.

medical spring lift trolleys

A high volume of small boxes that weighed 6kg each had to be handled. These had to be stacked onto a trolley without the operators having to bend their backs. The trolley itself had to be as light as possible, so that when loaded, it wouldn’t be too heavy for the operator to push. An available trolley would have achieved these goals but weighed a heavy 63kg, which would have been too heavy for the operator.

Sitecraft fully customised a Light Weight Scissor Trolley. This trolleys platform featured a spring that supported the load at an ergonomic working height as boxes were added, or removed. It utilised light-weight aluminium materials, and premium-quality large-diameter caster wheels. Premium-quality, large-diameter caster wheels significantly reduce the rolling resistance of the trolley, also making it easier to push. The trolley platform had to be a specific size with raised edges to suit the particular boxes that is was to be used for.

The end result was a trolley that weighed only 34kg, and achieved all the customers’ requirements. Sitecraft produced 20 units that saved the operators from bending their backs, using excessive pushing force, and therefore avoided general fatigue, back & shoulder strain.

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