Stainless Steel Tow Tug handles food grade environment with ease.

A large number of stainless steel wheeled bins needed to be moved around a food manufacturer’s production area. These bins weigh up to 400kg, and are currently manually pushed around causing shoulder, and back injuries to employees. The bins are also used are in a food grade area which is consistently wet.

With these requirements in mind, Sitecraft customised a stainless steel tow tug with a vacuum attachment, to easily transport the heavy bins around their facility.  The vacuum attachment is comprised of two powered suction cups. These suction cups connect with the outside of each bin to create an ergonomic pushing, or pulling system.  A customised battery system was also fitted to the tow tug to allow for continuous operation over three shifts throughout the day.


In the end, the customised tow tug significantly removed the risk of injury from the production process, and improved worker morale and efficiency.  Please call our sales team on 1300 363 152 if you require more information on this system, or need to customise your own tow tug.