3 tips for managing hazardous substances in your workplace


Many workplaces use hazardous materials on a daily basis but these substances can be incredibly harmful, especially when combined with human error. So how can you keep your employees safe while ensuring that your business is protected against the potential damage caused by hazardous materials? Here are three tips to help manage dangerous substances within your workplace. 1) Invest in safe equipment Ageing storage devices can be a big threat for your workers, especially if they have seen a lot of wear and tear. Storage containers and barrels will break if they are exposed to high levels of strain and damage, which makes proper inspection and maintenance crucial for this equipment. Keeping tabs on all your hazardous materials storage will considerably improve your work safety. Some devices have to be inspected regularly in order to meet national safety standards. Devices like gas canisters need to be checked every five years to make sure they are not a threat to your employees’ wellbeing. 2) Be prepared for emergencies Disasters will happen, even in the safest workplace, so it’s important to make sure your business has safety equipment on hand to keep employees secure. Investing in spill containment equipment and eye washes are simple devices that can make a big difference when disaster does strike. 3) Keep training employees If anything goes wrong in your workplace your first line of defence will be your employees. Ensuring your staff are well-versed in the threats posed by their work environment will make a big difference for keeping workers safe. Employees also need to be aware of the equipment to be used in an emergency. Making sure that devices like fire extinguishers and eye washes can be used by all your personnel will mean that when accidents do occur, they can be resolved by your staff quickly. Keeping these tips in mind will make a big difference to your company’s safety and minimise the cost of any industrial accidents and in turn making your business more profitable.