Severe weather a reminder of need for worksite safety

Construction companies across Australia need to be aware of the dangers of severe weather, and ensure appropriate safety measures are in place at all times. Recently, severe gales hit Victoria, causing flying debris from unsecured materials. “Strong winds can occur at any time of year, so all construction companies need to be ready,” said Victorian WorkCover Authority Executive Director of Health and Safety, Len Neist. “Tragically, a builder died […] when a brick wall fell on him at a construction site in Brighton East during strong winds.” He went on to explain how work sites need to be secured, as winds up to 125 kilometres an hour can often hit Australia, easily tearing apart construction sites containing loosely secured materials. “When structures collapse, the chance of death or serious injury is high. The risk is not just to the workforce, but passers-by, neighbouring premises and emergency services’ workers,” Mr Neist explained. In addition, tools and other materials stored on site require appropriate storage during severe weather. There are a number of options available, however, which can keep your workers safe. For chemicals and hazardous substances Outdoor Bulk Dangerous Goods Stores are an ideal, compliant solution for the safe storage of dangerous substances. These can be supplied with cyclone proof ratings. Gas cylinders and bottles also need safe and secure storage. Our Gas Cylinder Storage Cages provide a versatile, safe and secure storage for a wide range of cylinders. In the event of accidental fuel/oil or chemical spills, Spill Control and Clean up Kits are available from Sitecraft. These are available in various sizes and configurations  and offer a safe way to manage spills.