Working near state borders becoming safer

Occupational Health and Safety in remote areas can be challenging especially if you are working along one of Australia’s state borders. For trades people based in these areas, it can be very difficult to keep on top of different safety regulations if you find yourself crossing state lines frequently.

To address this issue, state governments have undertaken the Cross Border project so that trades people understand the impact of working across different jurisdictions.

The project has now been operational for a year, with inspectors visiting more than 150 businesses to make sure they are aware and compliant with the requirements of the states which they work across.

Victorian WorkCover Authority Executive Director of Health and Safety Len Neist, identified this project as being crucial for people to understand their health and safety obligations.

“No matter which state you are working in, it’s important to have a systematic approach to worksite safety. The key is a proper plan, implementing that plan and then monitoring work to ensure it is being done safely,” said Mr Neist.

With 1209 construction sector injuries and illnesses in NSW alone, there is clearly an impetus to improve the conditions on the country’s building sites.

“Some of the main focuses of the visits include ensuring employers understand the importance of developing Safe Work Method Statements that accurately reflect tasks, ensuring all electrical equipment is tested and tagged, and keeping worksites secure to prevent unauthorised access,” said Mr Neist.

As this programme expands, it’s more important than ever to make sure you understand the requirements of your industry and have the Materials Handling Equipment you need to stay compliant with health and safety laws.