WA workers at risk of losing dangerous goods security clearance


Hundreds of hazardous substance workers are at risk of losing their dangerous goods security clearance, as the security cards are now up for renewal.

This affects over 1,200 workers in Western Australia with the cards, as licences are set to expire on July 15. The consequences of failing to renew could be substantial, as they’ll automatically lose their clearance. For workers on dangerous sites, this could mean losing their jobs.

“This could have significant impact on people whose employment is contingent on them holding a valid dangerous goods security card,” said Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) Acting Resources Safety Executive Director Ivor Roberts.

The licences are used by a number workers across several industries, and it’s essential for these staff to understand whether or not cards are essential.

“Certain licences, such as those held by shot firers and truck drivers who transport explosives and ammonium nitrate, will automatically expire,” Dr Roberts explained.

The cards were brought in as part of a counter-terrorism initiative in WA. To ensure the card holders are secure, they must be renewed every five years. It’s been estimated that around 6,000 cards out of an 18,000 total are coming up for renewal within the next few months.

“[The] DMP encourages all workers to check the expiry date on their dangerous goods security card to see if it is due for renewal,” Dr Roberts said.

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