How to keep eyes safe in dangerous workplaces


Eye injuries are a significant danger for employees, especially in manufacturing industries. Whether it’s from grinding, welding or mining activity, workers are often at risk of eye damage.

These activities can also be a significant threat to those working nearby. Sparks or shards of metal are as much a challenge for people who share a workplace as they are for those directly handling the activity.

Accidents in the workplace are also the leading cause of eye injuries, causing 500 hospital admissions every year according to SafeWork Australia. Most of these injuries could have been prevented, had the right precautions been taken.

If your business works in a hazardous environment, the only solution is to look at ways to minimise the dangers posed to staff eyesight.

An easy first step is to audit your business for hazards to staff eyesight and then take steps to remove or mitigate these challenges. Safety signage can be invaluable for these conditions, providing reminders to staff about the dangerous elements they encounter during the day.

Addressing these challenges will often involve purchasing protective eyewear and masks for staff so that they can operate safely without worrying about hazards to their eyes.

Different types of eyewear have varying levels of protection, depending on the type of hazards faced, so it is also important to make sure you have the right level of cover for workers.

Another essential consideration, especially if your work involves hazardous substances, is to make sure you have the right equipment for your workplace. Safety showers and eye washes, for example, are very important for injuries involving chemicals which might need to be cleansed from the body or eyes

For larger spills, consider investing in a full body shower which can decontaminate staff on a larger scale and which often have built-in eye washes.

Eye safety doesn’t need to be a challenge for your business, just so long as your company takes the appropriate precautions to address eye safety in your workplace and invests in the right equipment.