3 tips for better warehouse operations

Every retail company knows that warehouse efficiency is essential. Long journeys to retrieve stock can make it harder for companies to stay productive.

Improving warehouse operations isn’t difficult, but can unlock more profits across your business. Here are three ways to get your warehouse operating more smoothly.

Keep high-volume goods accessible

Most warehouses follow an 80:20 rule – 80 per cent of their orders come from 20 per cent of their product line. If high-volume goods are stored away from loading and unloading areas, workers will be wasting time going back and forward to collect these goods.

The solution for warehouse managers is to store high-volume products close to loading areas so they can be accessed quickly. Slow-moving goods can be kept further back in your warehouse.

Choose efficient equipment

Warehouses are only efficient if they have equipment that can handle goods quickly and easily. Automatic solutions can usually produce faster results than manual labour.

For example, many companies invest in powered pallet trucks and electric tow tugs and other automatic equipment to save time moving goods around the warehouse.

Keep pedestrians and vehicles separate

An effective warehouse environment needs an effective traffic management plan providing a safe environment for your staff. Gone are the days where a painted line on the floor is an acceptable means of separation between vehicle movement and personnel. Pedestrian protection barriers provide a high level of safety and orderliness in the working environment.