Mining contractor liable for employee death

A company supplying workers to mines in Western Australia has been found guilty of health and safety breaches in a recent court case. The legal action followed a death in the mining industry back in August 2013.

The death occurred at the Christmas Creek mine in Pilbara, Western Australia. The contractor was working on an electric motor at the top of an iron ore crushing facility when he was struck by a ladder.

The WA Department of Mines and Petroleum brought the matter to court and the contracting company operating the mine pleaded guilty to the charges.

This isn’t the only incident that has been recorded at the Christmas Creek mine. In December of last year, a second fault led to the death of another worker. These events led the mine owner to cancel the contract with the contracting company running the site.

The decision to prosecute came after extensive health and safety investigations. Three months of safety inspections followed the initial accident from the department, on top of investigations from the mine owner.

These events highlight the dangers that exist for miners. Contracting companies have a responsibility to keep workers safe and to ensure that accidents do not occur.

To do this, mining companies need the right equipment for their work. Access equipment like maintenance and work platforms  are ideal for maintenance operations on large plant and equipment.

Signs and labels can also help keep workers safe. Visual reminders can ensure that workers are aware of the risks around them before any problems arise.