Effective waste management

Dealing with waste is a difficult task for nearly every country around the globe, especially when clear policies aren’t in place for both citizens and businesses to follow.

That’s why the Australian government implemented the National Waste Policy, which is designed provide an efficient, coherent and environmentally approach and direction for waste management and resource recovery in Australia through to 2020.

The need for a policy

The National Waste Policy has been agreed to by all the State Governments and provides collaboration and policies in relation to waste management and resource recovery. The Australian Department of the Environment calculated that prior to the policy adoption, efforts to reuse and recycle were not improving. Now, recycling is improving substantially, with televisions and computers in particular growing from 17 per cent in 2010 to 30 per cent in 2012-13.

Handling waste management

On a business scale, corporate social responsibility begins with businesses ensuring their  waste is recycled. If your work place doesn’t have a paper recycling program its time to implement one. That’s why a number of solutions are available to aid businesses in recycling endeavours.

Recycling containers

Recycling products from Sitecraft include Recycling Stations which are a proven solution for dealing with paper, bottles and other recyclable materials. These versatile containers allow multiple stream sorting of waste product. They’re also extremely easy to use, with built in handles to make them easy for transport throughout a workspace. Wheelie bin tippers also assist in the safe emptying of wheelie bins

Materials handling crates

When offices are handling a number of plastic, glass and paper products, it helps to use containers that are colour coded for easy waste handling. Using heavy duty materials crates with strong handles means this waste can be appropriately stored, and easily moved to a waste bin outside.

Recycling is only going to become more important for companies, especially as government schemes incentivise the correctly disposal of waste. Getting staff on board can be far easier if business waste policies are implemented correctly.