Trucking company fined for dangerous breach

A Western Australian trucking company has recently been fined $31,000 for safety breaches following a trial in April.

The company pleaded guilty to 14 dangerous goods offences which occurred early last year. Operators were found to have been transporting goods without taking the necessaries security precautions – on multiple occasions.

According to the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP), transport offences relating to dangerous goods attracted over $170,000 in fines in 2013 alone. As of June this year, fines have exceed $40,000.

The Northam Court Magistrate explained the severity of the offence, and how it should serve as an example of the risks involved with the transport of dangerous goods.

“[The] load was not placarded […] there were no transport documents able to be provided to police who inspected the load and particular specialised equipment required to be carried because of the gas […] was not being carried,” Magistrate Zempilas said.

“This enforcement should send a strong message to dangerous goods transport companies that, for the safety of all concerned, regulations must be followed at all times.”

It’s important to remember that dangerous goods can have an impact in all locations. Regardless of whether in a factory, on a truck or at the work site, dangerous goods need to be constantly secured.

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