Weighty matters for the Waste Industry

Historically, waste has been collected from customers by waste companies who have charged the customer for a certain number of cubic meters (e.g. for a 3m Skip bin).

Even residential collections have typically been done on a volume basis; for example, it does not cost more to put your wheelie bin out to the road with 20kg of broken concrete in it, than it does to have only 2 empty milk bottles in it.

As the most expensive waste stream is general waste (Landfill waste), it stands to reason that diversion of all recyclables and bio-degradable waste from the general waste stream should in turn save businesses money.

With the landfill space availability shrinking and environmental taxes coming into effect, waste companies are being charged by the weight of the waste disposed, rather than the volume of it. So an inconsistency exists for waste companies at present – they charge their customers by the volume collected, and pay the landfills by the weight disposed.

The alternative way to dispose of rubbish is to charge by the weight of the waste rather than its volume. This is now the way that landfills charge and many waste companies are moving towards billing their customers in this manner.

Weight based systems are generally well accepted by the consumers for the following key reasons:

– Fair allocation of costs to the users.

– Reducing waste in bins and bags (15–90% reduction reported in some EU studies).

– Ensuring transparency of waste management costs.

– Increasing sorting of recyclables.

Sitecraft has released the new WeighRite® weighing wheelie bin tipper, which will enable users to be identified at the time they empty their wheelie bin into a skip bin or compactor. The WeighRite® module incorporates a state of the art Cloud based machine interface that enables users to empty wheelie bins using a touch screen device. An android app is currently in development for release in late 2014 which will mean the whole system can be operated and monitored via internet connected smartphones and tablets.

The WeighRite® system enables businesses to receive clear reports on the waste each department is generating, as well as restricting the use of the equipment to only authorised users. Large retail stores with multiple tenants are able to show clearly the weight of waste each tenant has generated over a date range and are able to implement billing or reward systems based on the contribution of each user to the site’s overall waste stream.

Until the arrival of the WeighRite® system, users have had little ability to audit their own waste streams on a weight basis and make the changes necessary to ensure their costs are controlled.

The WeighRite® system brings a modern and transparent future to the industrial waste sector ensuring that you have accurate information to make decisions about your waste streams.