Taking advantage of drum handling equipment

On any construction project or manufacturing operation it’s likely drum handling equipment will be required for the safe movement and handling of heavy drums and containers. Handling these drums was often a difficult task, but modern equipment is able to help significantly.

Gone are the days of having to manually haul or position drums on a work site or in a warehouse, as purpose built equipment is able to to provide solutions to your manual handling challenges.

Choosing the right equipment

There’s a number of options available for workers requiring capable drum handling, with systems ranging from simple cradles right through to heavy duty crane rotators. Below, a few of these options will be explored and explained.

Decanting cradles
A decanting cradle takes the hassles and hazards out of decanting liquids and allows safe the precise pouring. Certain cradles include pivot points to pour the liquid with an  high degree of control. These minimise the risk of potentially dangerous spills and splashes. These generally hold all common 20-25 litre containers.

Drum Eze
The drum eze is ideal for the effortless and safe movement of 200 litre steel drums. This versatile unit is designed to handle drums in congested spaces, and will fit through a standard doorway. It uses centre lifting clamps to lock the drum in place, and in a raised position it can be moved easily.

Lift and tip devices
A range of drum lift and tip devices are available and generally have a foot pump hydraulic lift with a hand lever operated gearbox for rotating and tipping the drums. Various drum clamping attachments are supplied including clamps and belts that will safely secure a range of containers including steel, plastic and open head drums.

This tool is designed for use with forklifts, and has the capacity of lifting  drums up to 750 kilograms. The patented gripping beak automatically clamps on the rim of the drum. In addition, it’s able to lift both steel and plastic drums. Designed for when downtime isn’t an option, the Grab-O-Matic should become a primary consideration for high productivity operations.