For Storing and Moving Cartons Nothing Stacks up like a Mini Pallet

Mini Pallets are an Australian designed, tough polypropylene innovation that delivers improved safety and efficiency to the workplace. They were initially developed for the Hospitality Industry but now used by 1000’s of companies Australia wide including hotel and wineries to safely move cartons & drums and equipment.

They are ideal when goods or equipment are delivered and or broken down from large pallets the goods are place on a Mini Pallet and then a standard hand cart/trolley can be slipped under the pallet allowing the user an easy option for moving product.

This normally means that cartons etc. are never double handled again dramatically reducing the risk of back injuries and damage to product.

Our pallets eliminate the need to tilt a stack of cartons forward to permit access by a hand cart and cartons can be pushed hard up against a wall and easily moved again when necessary.

Mini Pallets are also ideal in kitchen and cold rooms. They eliminate the need to store product on the floor, allowing better circulation and therefore reducing moisture damage to the cartons. In the event of a spill the goods can be easily manoeuvred to facilitate a quick clean up.

National figures for injuries in the workplace are not just alarming, they are devastating for the more than 54,000 Australian workers injured every year, mostly from poor lifting practices. By using our Mini Pallets correctly, you significantly reduce the risk of injury.

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