Discover Actisweep, Europe’s top selling forklift mounted broom

Europe’s top selling forklift mounted broom is now available to the Australian market. Sitecraft are pleased to announce they have been appointed the exclusive distributers of the ‘ACTISWEEP’ megabrush. This innovative sweeper features the new V – Concept Broom which provides faster and more effective sweeping than traditional brooms and mechanical sweepers.

Do you have to sweep up large amounts of waste or materials every day? Then do you need a brushing system which will met your needs and is cost effective, safe, multi-purpose and efficient?  ACTISWEP V – Concept Broom is the answer.

Sweep or move – grain, fertiliser, crushed materials, waste recycling materials, metal swarf, scrap, household refuse, PET bottles, shredded materials, paper, wood shavings, bark, building materials, gravel, coal, sludge, snow ect… The ACTISWEEP is used widely in farming, recycling depots, grain and cereals handling, building supplies, construction industry and metal recycling.

The ACTISWEEP features a rugged powder coated steel frame with galvanized fork tyne pockets. Various adapters are available to allow use with skid steer loaders, tractors and other motorised equipment. The high quality interchangeable brushes are designed to cope with large quantities of heavy materials.

This new revolutionary sweeper is available in 3 different ranges;

Mega-Sweeper V13. Top of the range featuring extra heavy duty construction for the most demanding applications including civil construction, recycling depots, agriculture and mining industries.

Mega-Sweeper V9. Mid-range for medium duty applications including manufacturing, farming equestrian and grain depots.

NEW Quick2Sweep, the economical forklift broom featuring the same unique V-concept directed brushes that sweep/collect rubbish towards the centre of the broom


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