Workplace injuries at a decade low

When businesses use the right equipment in the right way, it can improve workplace safety and reduce risks of injury. Falls, mishandled chemicals or mechanical hazards – all such hazards can be prevented when businesses are equipped with the right products for safety.

When it comes to seeing the results of safe work practices, workplace injuries are at a decade low. The Safe Work Australia (SWA) Comparative Performance Monitoring report from last month showed that overall, compensated injury deaths in the workplace are at their lowest point in 12 years.

However, chief executive officer of SWA Michelle Baxter noted that Australians still have a lot to do on work safety.

“While this is a good result, there were still 178 compensated injury and disease fatalities recorded in Australia for 2012-13. More work is needed to improve work health and safety and reduce this figure even further,” she said in the October 10 statement.

The target that the SWA set for reduction in fatalities was reached, while the benchmark set for reducing general injury in the workplace was not. The number of annual workplaces injuries since 2002 has only declined by 26 per cent, whereas the target was 40 per cent.

Through the implementation of appropriate materials handling equipment any workplace can take easy steps to better safety standards. Employees should be familiar with their equipment and know all potential workplace hazards to reduce any risk of harmful accidents.

Contacting Sitecraft’s team of industry specialists is a great step in fitting your business out with the safety equipment that is most suitable to your industry. An extensive online catalogue makes selecting products a simple process, and means employers can quickly help reduce the risk of injury to employees.