Eight (8) New Year Resolutions for a successful business in 2015

As the New Year swiftly approaches, here is our list of helpful tips to add to your list of business New Year resolutions.


  1. Analyse the competition as well as your clients

Do not be afraid to research your competitors and learn from what they do right. You may also get some ideas on how to differentiate yourself from them to gain an advantage.

This time of year is a great time to talk to your customers, suppliers, distributors, business partners and associates  and find out what others in your line of business are doing. Place yourself in a position to start the New Year ready to implement new ideas and practices.


  1. Set goals and make plans  

Make sure you have a very clear idea of what goals you want to achieve in 2015 and where you want your business to head. If you write down your goals, you can review them and use them as motivation throughout the year. Make plans regularly and consider frequent planning meetings to review your progress and chart the best course.


  1. Provide great service

Great customer service is a key component of many successful businesses. By providing the best service, your customers will be more inclined to use your service each time they need or want something, rather than go to your competition.


  1. Clean house

At this time of year you might think about the familiar quote ”out with the old, in with the new”. Do you have a product or procedure that is holding you back? Do you have a supplier or distributor that is not meeting expectations? Have you sunk money into something that just is not working? Now is the time to determine the best strategies for dropping what does not work to make room for new ideas and strategies that will help your business move forward.


  1. Upgrade broken or under-performing equipment

Does your office or plant have equipment or machinery that is broken or inefficient? The New Year is a great time to upgrade or buy the best equipment for your business. Make sure that all safety gear is functioning properly and that dangerous goods are stored securely in the suitable dangerous goods storage cabinets.


  1. Have the right people in the right positions

Huge resources go into finding the right employees and cultivating their talent. Staff turnover is responsible for significant costs and losses in productivity. Money is often a major motivator for employees, but it is not the only factor that what ensures staff loyalty and career happiness. Find out what motivates your key personnel and let them know they are valuable to your business. When employees feel valued and growth opportunities are available, they are less likely to seek external job opportunities.


  1. Train yourself and your staff

Be on the lookout for opportunities to develop your business and leadership skills and enable your staff to grow by implementing a program of continuous staff development. Safety training is an integral component and it is important that staff understand how to use material handling equipment, access equipment and the correct safety equipment for your industry.


  1. Switch off and tune out

Life is about more than business. Everyone needs a good work/life balance to enjoy his or her success. Turn off your laptop, divert the mobile to voicemail, and leave the iPad in a drawer. Spend some time with your family and friends.

Good luck with your business and personal resolutions. Sitecraft wishes you a safe holiday, a Happy New Year and plenty of business success in 2015!