Australia Welcomes the World’s Largest Logistics Fair

What materials handling equipment are the world’s market leaders using to stay ahead? What will the warehouses of tomorrow look like? How will the latest online logistics technology revolutionise eCommerce? And why will those who don’t embrace these innovations be left behind? The answers to these and a warehouse full of equally incisive questions can be found at CeMAT, the world’s largest materials handling and logistics trade fair.

Smart. Integrated. Efficient

That’s the official slogan for CeMAT Australia. It’s all about smart, integrated handling and logistics systems to maximise eCommerce efficiency. CeMAT will be a knowledge sharing extravaganza. After all, new ideas are in demand and new technology needs to be embraced. That’s the business world we now live in – stay ahead or get left behind.

CeMAT will be jam packed with inside knowledge and a showcase of cutting edge technology to help savvy operators get the jump on their competition. The three day expo offers a world of new age logistics at a single venue and the chance to network with major decision makers.

Strengthening every link in the distribution chain

From promotion to purchase to delivery, the flow of goods through the eCommerce network is an ever-evolving science. Much like the computers we trade on, technology powers ahead like a rocket through cyberspace. Yet while we can sometimes get by on yesterday’s computer technology, we ignore advances in eCommerce logistics at our peril. CeMAT provides an unparalleled opportunity to compare every link in the logistics chain with market leaders and see exactly where smarter, faster, more efficient links can be made.

All the latest technology

CeMAT will showcase the very latest from the world’s top materials handling and logistics suppliers with a host of local and international exhibitors. Pick and Pack systems. Move and Lift. Store and Load. All this and a host of onsite consultants discussing everything from logistics real estate and locations to financing and media.

A meeting of The Minds

It’s rare to find so many movers and shakers from the Asia Pacific region together at one conference; a sort of APEC for business leaders and those seeking to learn from the best. The CeMAT conference gives ambitious operators the chance to compare notes, trends and new technologies driving successful businesses forward. Notable inclusions on a packed and empowering agenda are the secrets to logistics data processing, mastering multi-channel strategies, and dealing with high freight volumes. Attendees will learn the tricks of the logistics trade from online retailing icons and network with key players making waves across the Asia-Pacific region.

Online and on time

The endless opportunities of the cyber-market have seen eCommerce explode across Australia. Those who get it right can not only tap into global online markets, but dominate those markets. Yet rankings and traffic are only part of the eQuation. Businesses with the knowhow and technology to deliver orders faster than their competitors will reign supreme. As the early adopters of eCommerce distribution technology, they will find ways to reduce operational costs and increase margins while still providing a high speed service. CeMAT provides the chance to see this very technology in action and show how innovative companies can take full advantage.

The 3 day CeMAT Expo and Conference runs from May 5th to 7th at Sydney Olympic Park.

Sitecraft are proud exhibitors at CeMAT Australia 2015.


Visit us at Stand B 14.