WorkCover NSW Safework Awards 2015

WorkCover NSW is calling for entries in the 2015 WorkCover NSW SafeWork Awards.

Providing a healthy and safe work environment is a legal requirement. However, the SafeWork Awards recognise, reward and promote individuals and businesses that have made positive changes in work health and safety (WHS), return to work and workers compensation.

The Awards provide an opportunity to share innovations, safety achievements and improvements with others businesses and industry peers to raise the level of workplace safety.

Success at the Awards provides some great benefits

The annual WorkCover NSW SafeWork Awards are recognised as one of Australia’s premier safety awards.

– Winners and finalists are entitled to use the prestigious SafeWork Awards Finalists and Winners logo

– National recognition via promotion of achievements on the SafeWork Awards and WorkCover websites, media releases and newsletters

– Safety ambassador status is good for both individuals and businesses

– Award winners are eligible to enter the Safe Work Australia Awards

How to enter

Entry is open to any organisation, registered business, individual and not-for-profit operation within NSW. Full information is at, where you can lodge an application using the online form.

You will need to demonstrate what you did to improve WHS or return to work and describe the problems it solved. Don’t forget to provide images or video to represent and support your entry.

There are six categories:

Category 1: Best workplace health and safety management system

This award is for demonstrating commitment to continuous improvement of WHS outcomes via implementing an integrated systems approach.

Category 2: Best solution to an identified workplace health and safety issue

This award is for excellence in developing and providing a solution to an identified WHS health issue.

Category 3: Best workplace health and safety practices in a small business

This category is only for small businesses with less than 20 employees or full-timers. The award recognises high standards of WHS or return to work practices.

Category 4: Best individual contribution to workplace health and safety

This award is for individuals who make a significant difference to WHS. There are two sub-categories:

  1. An person who is not formally responsible for WHS as part of their duties
  2. A person who is responsible for WHS as part of their duties

Category 5: Excellence in return to work for business

This award is for outstanding contribution by employers to provide safe and sustainable return to work for their injured worker(s).

Category 6: Return to work achievement award for workers

This award is for outstanding achievements of a worker who has returned to work after a workplace injury. Workers may nominate themselves and employers can nominate as long as they provide written consent from the injured worker.

Closing date

Entries are open until Friday June 5th and the winners will be announced at a special ceremony and dinner on October 28th.