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Sitecraft has recently displayed the innovative Sapelem ZE solution manipulator/lifter at the National Manufacturing week exhibition in Melbourne ant the the inaugural CeMAT exhibition in Sydney. The Sapelem intuitive electronic balancer automatically senses the weight of the object to be lifted and allows the operator to lift it with minimal effort.

Its multi-directional arm can extend up to a maximum of 4700 mm, depending on the weight of the load. Various integration optional are available including column mount, mount from overhead gantry/crane system and column on a ballasted base for quick and easy relocation.

An extensive range of custom made ergonomic manipulators are available including vacuum lifting devices, automated clamping effectors, magnetic gripers and mechanical manipulators.

Custom hydraulic scissor lift table for manufacturing operations. This 6000 mm long lift table features 4 scissor lift assemblies in sequence. Please contact Sitecraft technical sales team for your custom built lift tables and materials handling equipment.

long scissor lift

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Purpose built stainless steel scissor lift trolley. Ideally suited to pharmaceutical and food applications. This model features a hand/hydraulic pump operation with a 250 kg lifting capacity.

SS scissor

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Sitecraft is pleased to announce it has been appointed the exclusive distributor of the AIRFLOAT products for Australia/New Zealand. Air Bearings feature a urethane diaphragm located beneath the load platform. As air is pumped into the diaphragm it passes through small holes on the underside causing the load platform to raised off the ground. This causes a continuous flowing cushion of air, allowing almost friction free movement of the platform. Remarkably this allows a 450 kg weight to be moved with just 450 grams of force.

Air skids and air platforms from Sitecraft can be custom manufactured to suit almost any load configuration and weight. We supply a range of standard platforms using air bearings, providing nearly friction free movement.

Features include

  1. Ideal for confined and awkward spaces – can operate where forklifts can’t
  2. Omnidirectional movement.
  3. Optional guide wheels and powered tuggers for higher capacity aplications
  4. More even weight distribution prevents damage to floors
  5. Eliminate dangerous overhead hoisting situations
  6. Up to 450 tonnes – the weights handled by AIRFLOAT air bearings have proved limitless




Large capacity powered pallet truck. Features power drive and power steering with a huge 9000 kg capacity. Sitecraft can supply custom manufactured powered pallet trucks for almost any application. Please speak to our technical sales team for more information.

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