Airfloat Air Bearings/Skids

Sitecraft is pleased to announce it has entered into a partner agreement with Align Production Systems, USA. Align is a leading designer, manufacturer and integrator of Material Handling Systems. Through this strategic relationship, Sitecraft will further enhance its position as a market leader committed to delivering innovative solutions that enhance workplaces and processes.

Align Production Systems comprises of four companies, Airfloat , Axial Industrial Turntables, Silvestrini and Safebilt. These businesses are proven leaders in providing quality engineered products and solutions to a diverse range of industries including heavy manufacturing, aerospace, mining, construction and food and pharmaceutical processing.

Airfloat is the inventor of the innovative air bearing (or air Skids). The air bearing is a unique air support device which is able to support and transport large and heavy loads on a cushion of air. Air castor equipment has been used to move difficult and complex loads of up to 450 tonnes. The Airfloat range includes air bearing skids, air utility platforms and pneumatic/air pallet trucks.

The air bearing utilizes a flexible urethane diaphragm located underneath the load support platform. When this is inflated with compressed air a seal with the floor is formed and this enables the load platform to be lifted off the floors surface. This air film then allows for almost frictionless movement when floating on air casters. Amazingly it takes only 450 grams of force to move a 450 kg load.

Go to to see their comprehensive range of industrial equipment. This includes air bearings/platforms, industrial turntables, roll transporters, pnuematic lift tables & tilters, pnuematic pallet trucks and powered tugging devices.