How to Choose the Right Spill Control and Clean-up Kit

Unfortunately, spills happen. Even small spills are inconvenient and can cause expensive delays and downtime while you clean up. Depending on the substance, spills can cause environmental damage if not cleaned up quickly.

Do I really need a spill response kit?

Your site is responsible for reacting quickly to effectively reduce the impact of spills and preventing them from escaping to pollute stormwater drains, waterways, soil, and groundwater. The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) imposes an environmental duty on anyone undertaking activities that might pollute and requires them to take reasonable and practical measures to minimise or prevent spills resulting in environmental harm.

Therefore, you need an action plan to prevent spills and leaks, and part of that plan should include placing a clearly labelled spill control kit in an easily accessible location. Your pollution control station should contain a number of items, such as absorbent pads, pillows, gloves, pillows, booms and disposal bags.

Choosing the right spill kit

There are many types of spill response kits available to suit a variety of situations and choosing the right type is important.

To choose the right one, you need to consider these three key factors:

  1. The type and class of liquid you have on site
  2. The largest spill likely to occur
  3. Its portability


Type of liquid you have on site

The first thing you need to know is which liquid on your site could potentially spill. Spill kits contain different types of absorbents, such as pads and rolls, booms and socks, and pillows that are specifically for the type of liquid you need to absorb. Common variations are kits for Oil and Fuels, Chemicals and Biohazards.

Largest spill likely to occur

To work out how big your kit needs to be, determine the size of your largest potential spill. The easiest way to know the largest likely spill size is to base it on your largest liquid container, drum, or holding tank.


How portable does your kit need to be? Spill response kits come in a range of variations and sizes so that they are easy to use in a number of situations. For example:

  1. Wheelie Bin Spill Kits are easy to manoeuvre around factory or warehouse floors.
  2. Carry Bag Spill Kits and Bucket Spill Kits are small and portable, so are great for confined spaces like trucks and forklifts.
  3. Mobile Super Bin Spill Kits are portable and ideal for large incident control.


Need some help?

Sitecraft has a wide range of spill control kits, suitable for a variety of applications. To learn more about our solutions for spills, or to request a free, customised quote, contact our friendly team by calling 1300 363 152, or fill in our online contact form and receive a quick response.