Movexx AGV 1000 Sold To MAN Trucks

Movexx AGV 1000 to Man Trucks

Movexx International/Europe has recently supplied five of the new generation AGV 1000 (automated guided vehicles) to the Man Trucks manufacturing plant in Salzgitter. These innovative AGV towing tugs will be used to relocate empty production line trolleys over a 120 metre distance. This allows production staff more time to concentrate on the important order picking process, instead of having to manually return the trolleys to the assembly stations.

Latest innovations included on the Movexx AGV include a laser scanner instead of the traditional safety bumper detector. This means more precise guidance and the ability for the towing tug to travel off speeds up to 6 kmh. It can also read RFID tags, allowing varying travel speeds where necessary and can also halt the machine to allow automatically unloading or trolleys.

For more information please contact a Sitecraft, materials handling specialist to discuss your requirements. Sitecraft are the exclusive and only authorized distributer in Australia of Movexx tugs and powered equipment.