Learn how Air Castor Technology can work for you


Sitecraft designs and supplies innovative material handling and manufacturing systems using air castor technology. These air bearing systems provide omnidirectional movement which is highly mobile and versatile.

When utilizing air castor technology a broad range of handling solutions are available, including moving ultra-heavy loads lifting solutions and streamlining movement on production and assembly lines. These are commonly used to move very heavy loads that are too heavy to be moved by conventional cranes, forklifts and industrial wheels and castors.

Air castor equipment has been utilized to move loads up to 450 tonnes. Common applications include assembly/production lines, lean manufacturing, press line equipment, explosion proof equipment, container handling and machinery movers.

The Airfloat range of equipment includes pneumatic/air pallet trucks which are widely used in dangerous environments such as explosive and flammable goods manufacturers. Also available are air utility platforms and air bearing skids.