Home & Workplace Fire Safety Resources


Fires are unpredictable. They can start anywhere, spread quickly and happen when you least expect it. Fortunately, with a little bit of research, preparation and mindfulness, fires can be avoided or managed safely. Read or view the collected resources below to learn about fire safety.

image2General Fire Safety

Know your Fire Extinguishers
– A guide about the different fire extinguishers, which one to use for which fires, how to maintain your fire extinguisher and how many you need in your home or workplace.

Smoke Alarms – Learn about Photoelectric smoke alarms, their pros, and how to best maintain your smoke alarm.

Managing Fire in Different Places



Make your Home Fire Safe – An informative guide for ensuring both your home and family are fire ready.

Fire Safety for the Family – Informative resource with lots of information available for families with young kids.

Queensland Fire Safety Videos – A Youtube playlist which covers fire safety in a variety of different locations such as in the kitchen, when camping, and in a caravan.

Kids Fire Safety – Great website for kids to help educate them on the importance of fire safety using apps, videos, games, and printable activities.


Construction Site Fire Safety – Simple steps to help avoid fires and how to manage a fire if one does occur.

Correct Fire Extinguishing Techniques for Construction Sites – How to be most prepared for fires before they happen and how to best put them out on a construction site.


Workplace Fire Safety – Informative article which lists what you should do if you see a fire, tips for safe evacuation from a building, and what to do if you cannot get out.

Restaurant Fire Safety – A checklist designed to help minimise the risk of fire in restaurants.

Know your Workplace OHS Rights – A look at common causes of fires in the workplace, Australian workplace requirements regarding fire safety, and an action plan that can be used to eliminate any risks.

image6  Recovery after a fire

What to do After a Fire
– Some topics covered are making your home or building secure against vandals or weather damage, claiming insurance, and who you should notify about your temporary change of address.

First Aid for Burns & Scalds – A basic first aid guide for treating people with burns or scalds and when you should seek medical aid.